About the Group

The Hull SF Group was set up in 1988 to bring together people interested in speculative fiction/science fiction. Activities include informal member's talks, guest speakers (including authors), debates, readings and social events (eg meals). For a description of what we actually do, see Meeting Formats.

Previous guests have included authors Pat Cadigan, Graham Joyce, Colin Greenland, Neal Asher, and Ian Watson. A few examples of topics discussed: 'Alternative Histories', 'Mythical Creatures', 'Music and SF', and 'Feminist Utopias'. Authors previously discussed include Samuel R. Delany, Joanna Russ, Garry Kilworth, and Jeff Noon.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month (except the 4th Tuesday in December), 8.00pm to 10.30pm, upstairs in St. Vincent's Social Club, Queens Road, Hull, HU5 2QP. NB St. Vincent's has decided not to open on Tuesdays over the winter, so our last meeting at St. Vincent's for 2009 will be on September 22nd.

We are looking for an alternative venue from October 13th onwards: a small function/meeting room, not too noisy, in a city centre pub, available on Tuesday evenings for a zero or small fee. If you know of something that might be suitable, please get in touch.

Please contact us in advance to confirm.

For more information, contact Mike Cross, Carol Ann Kerry-Green.

Meetings 2011

Date Subject/Format Presenter(s)
11 January Planning Meeting
Short Story Readings, Book Reviews
25 January Antiques Bookshow All
8 February Unfinished (by original authors) Works ? Ed (Chair)
22 February Gwyneth Jones Carol
8 March History Reinterpreted/Revisited Carol (Chair)
22 March Alien Franchise, Part 2 Steve
12 April SF @ The BBC Lynne (Chair)
26 April Evolution of the (Fictional) Vampire Estelle (Chair)
10 May TBA Howard
24 May Short Stories All
14 June Southern Gothic Dave
28 June Books within books, books about books Mike
12 July Planning Meeting, 100 Best Book Reports, Short Story Readings, Book Reviews All
26 July 100 Best Book Reports, continued All
9 August TBA
23 August Books as Travelogues Carol (Chair)
13 September Short talks drawn out of a Hat All
27 September The Strange & Bizarre Worlds of Stephen Moffett Ed, Talk + Discussion
11 October 1890-1910 vs 1990-2010 All
25 October Paranormal Fiction Carol
8 November Satoshi Kon Mike
22 November Jack Vance's Dying Earth Stories Dave, Talk + Discussion of influenced works
13 December Christmas Mayhem - Not at usual venue All
27 December NO MEETING  

The usual rider applies - if any guest authors are arranged meetings will be rearranged as appropriate.

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