Meeting Formats

This page describes the different types of meetings that the group arranges.

This not an exclusive list, suggestions for other formats (and volunteers to organise them) are always welcome.

Format Description
Planning Meeting Held twice a year, usually the first meeting in January and July.

This is where the meeting schedule for the next 6 months is determined. Sometimes this occurs at the start of a schedule meeting, or as part of a social event.
Talks A talk on a single subject, delivered by one person. Often accompanied by the discussion, and waving, of books. Constructive contributions from the audience are usually welcomed.
Talks from a Hat An ad hoc talk (delivered by one person), or a discussion, on a single (small) subject. Subject determined by drawing from a 'hat'.
100 Best Book Reports Each person reads a book & reports on it at a later date. The books are chosen by picking a random number, from 1 to 101, and then seeing what book occupies that position in various 'Top 100' critical works. The selectors are:
  • Horror: 100 Best Books (Stephen Jones & Kim Newman)
  • Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels (David Pringle)
  • Science Fiction: The Hundred Best Novels (David Pringle)
  • Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010 (Damien Broderick & Paul Di Filippo)
Discussion A semi-structured discussion on a relevant theme, or a topic suggested by an article, usually chaired by one person. Constructive contributions from the audience are encouraged.
Guest Speaker Format varies, as it is usually left up to the guest.

One common format is for the guest to introduce themselves, read from their work, and then answer questions.
Debate This is listed on the current meeting schedule, but I don't recall us ever having a scheduled debate, as opposed to one that arises during a normal meeting.
Short Story Readings
Book Reviews
A 'free-for-all' where anyone can bring along whatever they think is interesting. Short stories, by other authors or self-written, to read aloud. Reviews of books.

The first meeting of each six month period is usually one of these. Also used as a fallback if a scheduled meeting's topic is cancelled at short notice.
Social Events Various kinds of social event: barbecues, parties. Hosted by members. Not normally listed on the formal meeting schedule.