Meetings 1997

Date Subject/Format Presenter(s)
14 January Hidden Gems All
28 January New British Authors Andrew M. Butler
11 February Internet/Hyperreality Ian Bell & Andrew M. Butler
25 February Cordwainer Smith Dave Roberts
11 March Short Story Readings All
(including Howard Baker reading "Breakout of Level 53")
25 March Talking Animal Books Steve Kerry (Chair)
8 April Young Adult SF Julie Venner
22 April Near Future SF Carol Ann Green (Chair)
13 May Short Talks Wilson Tucker - Dave Roberts
Picador Books - Andrew Butler
Story Reading - Howard Baker
27 May Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Dave Roberts (Chair)
10 June Clarke Award Andrew M. Butler
24 June Arthurian Twists short talk by Estelle Roberts followed by discussion
8 July Story Readings All
22 July Longevity & Immortality in SF Dave Roberts (Chair)
12 August Return to Fantasy (Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay) Carol Ann Green
26 August Short Talks Ben Elton - Estelle Roberts
Katharine Kerr - Liz Stephenson
Joe R. Lansdale - Dave Roberts
9 September Mythical Beasts (in SF) Liz Stephenson (Chair)
23 September Magic Realism Dave 'n' Estelle 'n' Andrew(?) (Chairs)
14 October Ray Bradbury Steve Kerry
28 October Forms of Communication Estelle Roberts (Chair)
11 November Philip Jose Farmer Dave Roberts
25 November Short Talks Joan D. Vinge - Estelle Roberts
A Return to Fantasy: Guy Gavriel Kay and Robin Hobb - Carol Ann Kerry-Green
9 December Christmas Mayhem - Not at usual venue. All
23 December NO MEETING  

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