Nina Kiriki Hoffman (1955 -

MB - Matt Black Series, CH - Chapel Hollow Series


Child of an Ancient City (with Tad Williams) (1992)
The Thread That Binds the Bones CH (1993) (Bram Stoker Award for first novel)
The Silent Strength of Stones CH (1995) (Nebula and World Fantasy Award finalist)
R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #14: Body Switchers from Outer Space (1996)
R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #23: Why I'm Not Afraid of Ghosts (1997)
Star Trek Voyager, #15: Echoes
(with Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street #30: I Was a Sixth Grade Zombie (1998)
Sweet Valley Junior High: Third Wheel (as Jamie Suzanne)
A Red Heart of Memories MB (1999) (World Fantasy Award finalist)
Past the Size of Dreaming MB (2001)
A Fistful of Sky (2002)
A Stir of Bones MB (2003)
Catalyst: A novel of alien contact (2006) (PKD Award nominee)
Spirits That Walk in Shadow CH (2006)
Ghost Touch
Fall of Light ('Sideways sequel' to A Fistful of Sky) (2008)


Unmasking MBPulphouse/Axolotl, tp, 1992, $10.00, 103pp (World Fantasy Award finalist)


Legacy of Fire: Author's Choice Monthly #14Pulphouse, 1990: vlhc red leather, $50.00; lhc, signed, $25.00; tp, 116pp, $4.95
Courting Disasters and Other Strange AffinitiesWildside Press.
1st edition: hc, 1991, 220pp, $35.00, limited to 250 copies signed by NKH, KKR & GW.
2nd edition: 1992, 220pp, $35.00, limited to 100 copies.
A Handful of Twist-Ties1995?, may never have been published separately.
Time Travellers, Ghosts and Other Visitors2003


Common ThreadsHypatia Press, hc, $35.00, 1995, 443pp
Contains The Thread That Binds the Bones, and A Handful of Twist-Ties

Short Fiction

Petrified (1983)IASFM, Jul 1983
A Night Out (1983)Tales By MoonlightCDaOSA
Drawing On The Kitchen Table (1983)LOF
Tremors (1984)LOF
Lost Lives CH (1984)The Clarion Awards, 1984AHoTT,CDaOSA
A Step Into Darkness (1985)Writers of the Future, 19??CDaOSA
The Shadow of a Hawk (1985)
Measuring Up to Shadows (1985)LOF
The Glass Mountain (1985)Kalliope v7#1&2, 1985CDaOSA
Waiting for the Hunger (1987)Doom City, 1986CDaOSA
Works of Art (1988)Pulphouse: THM #One: Fall 1988LOF
Savage Breasts (1988)Pulphouse: THM #Two: Winter 1988; The Best of Pulphouse: THM, 1991LOF
Out of Hand (1988)Dragon Magazine, #132 April 1988CDaOSA
The Open Air My Grave (1988)Wet Visions: The Rainthology, 1988CDaOSA
Little Once (1988)Weird Tales, Fall 1988CDaOSA
Variations on a Scream (1989)Grue #9, 1988CDaOSA
Universal Donor (1989)Pulphouse: THM #4: Summer 1989LOF
Piggin' Waivers (1989)Amazing, July 1989
A Legacy of Fire (1989)Amazing, January 1989LOF
Hushabye (1989)Pulphouse: THM #5: Fall 1989; Pulphouse: AWM, 1 March, 1991CDaOSA
Dreamwalking Solo (1989)Amazing, September 1989
Courting Disasters (1989)Weird Tales, Spring/Fall 1989CDaOSA
Chrysalis (1989)Pulphouse: THM #3: Spring 1989
A Touch of the Old Lilith (1990)Desire Burn: Women's Stories From the Dark Side of Passion, 1995
Reflected Light (1990)Amazing, July 1990
Life Sentences (1990)Pulphouse: THM #6: Winter 1990
Imprint (1990)Pulphouse: THM #7: Spring 1990
Family Tree (1990)Pulphouse: THM #8: Summer 1990CDaOSA
Housewife (1990)Pulphouse: THM #9: Fall 1990CDaOSA
Exact Change CH (1990)Weird Tales, Winter 1990/1991CDaOSA, AHoTT
Compandroid (1990)SF Review v1#3 Fall 1990CDaOSA
Coming Home (1990)The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection, 1991LOF
Broken Things (1990)Deathrealm, Fall/Winter 1990
The Black Knitting Needle (1990)LOF, CDaOSA
Birth DayGifts of the Spirit, 1990AHoTT
Wishmas [Tinsel]The Ordeal of Christmas, 1990AHoTT
Christmas EveGifts of the Spirit, 1990AHoTT
Voices in a Shelter Home (1991)Amazing, March 1991CDaOSA
Visitors (1991)Weird Tales, Winter 1991/1992
The Touch of the Old Lilith (1991)The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection, 1991
Rumors of Greatness (1991)Weird Tales, Spring 1991CDaOSA
A Painting Lesson (1991)Amazing, January 1991
Memory Preserves (1991)Pulphouse: AWM, 6 July, 1991
An Invasion of Angels (1991)Pulphouse: THM #10: Winter 1991
Heavy Still Sky (1991)Pulphouse: THM #11: Spring 1991
Floor in Landida
with Jerry Oltion
(1991)Analog, December 1991
Echoes and Mirrors (1991)CDaOSA
The Coming of the Newest Messiah (1991)Aboriginal SF, Sep-Dec 1991
What Ghost is This, Who, Laid to Rest...Christmas Spirits, 1991AHoTT
Unleashed (1991)The Ultimate Werewolf, 1991TTGaOV
Unmasking MB (1992)
Messages Left on a Two-Way Mirror (1992)Amazing, May 1992
Where the Sun Stays for the Winter (1993)Weird Tales, Spring 1993
Valentines (1993)Weird Tales, Spring 1993
The Third Dead Body (1993)The Ultimate Zombie, 1993
A Seance (1993)Weird Tales, Spring 1993
Surreal Estate (1993)Pulphouse: THM #Twelve, The Last Issue, 1993
The Skeleton Key (1993)F&SF, August 1993TTGaOV
The Pulse of the Machine (1993)Weird Tales, Spring 1993
LaZelle Family Christmas (1993)Tomorrow SF, December 1993
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentle Ghosts (1993)F&SF, January 1993
Ceciley in the Supermarket (1993)Weird Tales, Spring 1993
Haunted Humans (1994)F&SF, Jul 1994TTGaOV
Face Value (1994)Weird Tales from Shakespeare, 1994
Weatherbones (1995)Tomorrow SF, Oct 1995
Waging Peace (1995)The Secret Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1995
The Trouble with Big Brothers MB (1995)Witch Fantastic, 1995
Trees Perpetual of Sleep MB (1995)Enchanted Forests, 1995
Part-Singing (1995)Heaven Sent: 18 Glorious Tales of the Angels, 1995
Home for Christmas MB (1995)F&SF, Jan 1995;The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Ninth Annual Collection, 1996
For Richer, For Stranger (1995)F&SF, Jun 1995
Fast Seeds (1995)The Ultimate Alien, 1995
Family History (1995)100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories, 1995
Dumpster Diving (1995)Werewolves, 1995
But Now Am Found (1995)F&SF, Oct/Nov 1995
The Biting-a-Hologram Blues (1995)100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories, 1995
Light SearchAHoTT
Snow Angel (1996)World Horror Convention 1996 Program Book, 1996AHoTT
Ghost GiftAHoTT
The Sixty-Foot ManAHoTT
Wonder Never Land (1996)A Nightmare's Dozen: Stories from the Dark, 1996
Water Everywhere (1996)The Shimmering Door, 1996
A Wanderer of Wizard-Kind (1996)Lammas Night, 1996,
Key Signatures (1996)F&SF, Apr 1996
Incidental Cats (1996)Twists of the Tale, 1996
Here We Come A'Wandering MB (1996)F&SF, Jan 1996
The Demon Servant (1996)Tomorrow SF, June 1996
Airborn MB (1996)F&SF, May 1996
The World Within (1997)F&SF, September 1997
Transitions (1997)Bruce Coville's Book of Magic II, 1997
Manna (1997)F&SF, April 1997
Sweet Nothings (1998)F&SF, August 1998
Survivals (1998)The UFO Files, 1998
Hunger (1998)Warrior Princesses, 1998
Gone to Heaven Shouting CH (1998)F&SF, January 1998
Drown Night With Hope of Day (1998)Olympus, 1998
Caretaking (1998)Black Cats and Broken Mirrors, 1998
Bright Streets of Air (1998)Battle Magic, 1998
Objects of Desire (1998)Alien Pets, 1998TTGaOV
Entertaining Possibilties (1998)Alien Abductions, 1998TTGaOV
Salvage Efforts (1999)F&SF, August 1999
Night Life (2000)F&SF, August 2000TTGaOV
Mud (2000)Amazing, Winter 2000
One Day at Central Convenience MallNot of Woman Born, 19??
The Whole of the Wideness of Night (2000)
A Spatter of Later Stars (2000)
Chain of Command (with Leslie What) (2000)
Egg Shells (2000)Bruce Coville's Strange Worlds, 2000TTGaOV
Between Disappearances (2001)
Mint Condition (2001)Past Imperfect, 2001TTGaOV
Cookies for Mr. Carson (2003)
A Fault Against the Dead (2003)
Wild Talents (2003)
Toobychubbies (?2003)TTGaOV
Switched (2004)
Immersed in Matter (2004)
Relations CH (2004)Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy, 2004
The Wisdom of Disaster (2005)
Treats (2005)
Wanderers (2006)
Sea Air (2006)
Seasonal Work (2006)LoneStar Stories, #18, December 2006
Neighbors (2006)LoneStar Stories, #19, February 2007


The Breadcrumb Trail (1997)Black Swan, White Raven, 1997


Introduction (1990)LOF
Introduction: Kiriki (1990)CDaOSA
Read This (1991)NYRSF, January 1991
Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures (1991)Pulphouse: AWM, 1 June, 1991
Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures (1991)Pulphouse: AWFM, 27 July, 1991
Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures (1991)Pulphouse: AFM, September 1991
Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures (1992)Pulphouse: AFM, July 1992
Debb & Nina's Excellent Video Adventures (1992)Pulphouse: AFM, November 1992
Video Review: "My Boyfriend's Back" (1996)Horror, Issue #6, 1996